The 3rd British Autoethnography Conference

Auto-ethnography: (re)membering, (re)cognition and regret
Friday 29th July-Saturday 30th July 2016
Venue: School of Education,MacRobert Building- University Of Aberdeen – Scotland

Call for participation

Terms and Conditions shall apply to this conference. In completing the registration form you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. Please locate the T&C link on the menu bar

The themes to consider for workshops/panel presentation/collaborative or individual papers/

The following themes are only suggested foci, and papers, presentations, performances and workshops are invited, but are not limited to any of the following four areas;

1)- Relational Ethics
Ellis (2007) notes that autoethnography seeks to tell the ‘self-story’ (Cunliffe,‎2009;Tolich, 2010; Dauphinee, 2010; Siddique, 2011) and we want to invite discussion about the following contention: Can we ever discuss anything in isolation? Is research always relational? Should ethics be predicated on relationships rather than determined by ethical committees detached from the research? What are the tensions that emerge from this? Are there any boundaries and if so who defines the boundaries?

2)- the Expressive and Healing Arts Methodology just another just another research approach?
Graham (2005) in coining the term ‘lipoliterates’ was aware of the ways in which the body is ‘read’ and constructed by narratives which has a consequence for how we write about our diverse Selves. We want to encourage dialogue and performance amongst scholars, professionals, students and artists on the subject of how we co-construct through collecting and engaging with lived experiences. Cohen (1994) noted that the self has become a reflexive project in that the individual is the end game in postmodern times. This conference, therefore, is timely as it aims to facilitate understanding on how we negotiate this tough terrain of promotion through publication and othering of the subject’s experience.

3)- Is the essence of education a practice of freedom or just another ‘matrices of opposing theories of cultural action’?

4)- Call for themes for sessions/workshops/panels

There is no registration fee for the conference and there will be information available on the conference from both Facebook and Twitter pages –

For further information on the conference and abstract submissions: 

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